About Us


Wildlife Center of North Texas (WCNTX) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of local injured or orphaned wildlife. We support 3 separate but interwoven communities; Local injured or orphaned wildlife, the public trying desperately to find help for the animals, and other rehabbers who need help with both time and resources.

At this time, we are ready to take the next step in our evolution and open a facility which is easily accessible to the public. We are accepting contributions to support animal needs such as food, housing and medical bills; opening and maintaining a centrally located facility; and being able to hire dedicated employees who are trained in wildlife care.


Mela has been an animal lover and advocate her entire life. After owning a small hobby farm and working with foster dogs somebody brought her a squirrel. It was then she realized she needed a permit to care for the squirrel and began her journey as a wildlife rehabilitator.
After rehabilitating wildlife for several years, Mela began visiting other cities and their rehab centers. When she asked a friend of hers and longtime rehabber why this area didn’t have a rehab center, the answer was simply “Nobody has done it yet.” Well… Challenge accepted! As an IT Business Analyst she merged her professional background with her love of wildlife and Wildlife Center of North Texas was born.
When not donating her time to the center Mela is busy with her husband, four children and four dogs. She loves to travel and her new goal is to visit the local wildlife center no matter what city she’s in!


Michelle joined Wildlife Center of North Texas in early 2016 after four orphaned squirrels moved in under the hood of her car. As an animal advocate, she knew she needed to find a local wildlife rehabilitator which became quite the challenge. Michelle soon discovered WCNTX and decided to join the cause to help orphaned and injured wildlife. She hopes to spread the word on where people can go when they find wildlife in need of help.

Michelle has a career in the IT industry as a Business Anayst & Project Manager. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, 5 kids, and 3 dogs, traveling to tropical locations, and furthering her wildlife education. Her husband and kids consider her the CEO and help desk support for the Roberts family, and completely support the cause of rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife.


Bethany always wanted to have a career helping animals and could never imagine doing anything else. She attended Texas A&M for both her bachelor’s and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM), and graduated in 2005. Because she wanted to keep life interesting, she sought out a hospital that treated exotics and wildlife, and one month later started working at Parker Animal and Bird Clinic. She has been there for almost 12 years now and has been a part of the center since its inception.

She is thrilled to be doing wildlife rehabilitation because it gives her a chance to learn more than just the medical portion of their care. She especially loves seeing the raccoons (of course) as well as the opossums, the little juvenile squirrels when they’re old enough to grab a syringe of milk and suck it down, and the occasional raptor that shows up!